The Most Places To Live In Canada


Most Places To Live In Canada

Canada is regarded as one of the greatest countries in the world to live. There is free universal healthcare for all citizens, as well as high average earnings and world-class education from kindergarten through higher education institutes. Even the majority of huge Canadian cities are secure places to live, and to top it all off, there is breathtaking beauty wherever you go.

With so many options, deciding where to establish your family might be tough. The cost of living and property costs, whether renting or purchasing, the availability of employment in your industry, and access to schools and childcare facilities are all important variables to consider when deciding where to relocate with a family.

To assist you in getting started, we have produced a list of the top destinations for families in Canada.

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Best Provinces for Families in Canada

What are the greatest provinces in Canada for families to live? While all provinces provide free healthcare and excellent public education, some are deemed better for families than others. Below is a list of Canada’s top three provinces for families.


Manitoba is Canada’s third-best province for families, with excellent public schools for younger children and world-class colleges for post-secondary students. Manitoba’s universities include the University of Manitoba, Brandon University, and the University of Winnipeg.

Manitoba has far less traffic than the more populated provinces, so getting the kids to school and traveling to work will be much faster. There are numerous work prospects in Manitoba, particularly in the commerce, technology, healthcare, education, and finance areas. Architects, human resource managers, computer network technicians, pharmacists, welders, and machine fitters are among the most in demand positions in Manitoba.

Manitoba is one of the more inexpensive provinces in Canada for first-time home buyers. Those who are already on the property ladder in more costly provinces will be pleased to learn how far their money will go in Manitoba, where the typical house costs $372,000.

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Because of its affordability and fantastic options for an active, healthy lifestyle, Alberta is the second-best province in which to raise a family. The province’s public schools are good. Yet, many Calgary schools are overcrowded as a result of the city’s inability to keep up with the inflow of new citizens.

There are excellent choices for families with older children who are attending higher school without having to leave the province. The University of Alberta, Mount Royal University, and the University of Calgary are all excellent higher education institutions in Alberta.

The finest career possibilities in Alberta are in the major cities of Edmonton and Calgary, with general practitioners, dentists, retail managers, mechanical engineers, web designers, electricians, and transport truck drivers among the most in demand.

Alberta’s average household income has declined, but it remains among the highest in the country. Property prices vary depending on where you look in Alberta, with Calgary having the highest property costs. The provincial average home price is $423,879.


Ontario is the finest province in Canada for families since it includes some of the top post-secondary education facilities and work prospects. It also has milder winters than Manitoba and Alberta.

Ontario offers an excellent public education system, as well as several private school alternatives. Among the higher education institutions available are the University of Toronto, McMaster University, and the University of Waterloo, to mention a few.

Moreover, there are several work prospects in Ontario for parents. Software developers, computer engineers, web designers, home support workers, transport truck drivers, and nursing aides are among the most in-demand positions in the province.

Property prices in Ontario vary greatly depending on where you wish to reside, with ordinary properties selling for more than a million dollars in Toronto and attractive suburbs of Toronto and Ottawa. In Ontario, the typical house costs $829 739.

Best Cities for Families in Canada

Important characteristics for determining the ideal area for families include safety, affordability, school access, and a thriving employment market. While some of the locations on the list have high property costs, these are frequently offset by other benefits such as reduced household expenses and food and better earnings.

London, Ontario

With superb schools and plenty of recreational possibilities throughout the year, London is an excellent choice for families. The city also offers excellent healthcare and educational institutions. In addition, London benefits from its closeness to Toronto in terms of extra amenities.

In August 2022, the average property in London will cost $648,036.

With a population of 404,699, the city has lots of career options. Employment options range from entry-level to high-paying executive positions. The education and healthcare industries are among the most important employers in London, thanks to the city’s many colleges and hospitals.

Milton, Ontario

Milton is on the Toronto commuter belt, and many people choose to live there with their families. They love Milton’s calmer surroundings, but living here is expensive, with the average property costing over $1.08 million.

Milton’s public schools are good, and it is a peaceful and secure neighborhood in which to raise a family. There is plenty of green space, and the people are kind and friendly. Milton has a population of 110,128 people.

Guelph, Ontario

Guelph is an excellent choice for families seeking a balance of urban and country living. The city has a relaxing small-town atmosphere in places, but the downtown offers all the facilities you’d expect to find in a larger metropolis. The city has a population of 135,474 people.

Families with smaller children benefit from Guelph’s excellent public schools, while older children and young people benefit from the city’s excellent colleges and institutions. Guelph boasts some of the greatest work prospects in Canada, with education being one of the city’s primary employers. There are still lots of residences available for less than a million dollars, with the typical property in Guelph costing $883,900.

Saint John, New Brunswick

Saint John is an Atlantic Ocean port city that is a favored destination for many newcomers to Canada. Saint John offers reasonable real estate compared to some of the other towns on the list of best places to raise a family in Canada, with the typical property costing roughly $280,492 in August 2022. There are also several work possibilities in town, particularly in the retail and service industries.

Saint John has a population of 70,785 people, yet despite its tiny size, it contains all of the facilities you’ll need. Schools in Saint John are excellent, and there is much to keep the youngsters amused in their spare time.

Toronto, Ontario

Despite its pricey real estate and status as Canada’s most populous city, Toronto is an excellent place to raise a family. These highly costly houses bring the average house price in Toronto to $1,157,500, while more cheap homes may still be found in less desirable locations.

Toronto is an excellent alternative for families who wish to raise their children in a cosmopolitan, diversified city. Toronto is a safe city with plenty of things to do and ways to occupy your children. The city features great schools for the families’ youngest children as well as some of the country’s top institutions. The career possibilities and average earnings are among the greatest in Canada.

Calgary, Alberta

Calgary is the largest city in Alberta and the second largest city on our list of the best cities to live in Canada, with a population of over 1.3 million people. Calgary has excellent schools, but many of them are overcrowded, particularly in popular neighborhoods. Because the city has been so popular with newcomers, the education system has struggled to create enough additional school spaces.

Calgary has one of the highest average family incomes in Canada, and the city has a robust economy with plenty of job possibilities, particularly in the oil and gas industry. Calgary is adjacent to three national parks with beautiful scenery and environment to enjoy with your family.

Edmonton, Alberta

Although Calgary is the larger city in Alberta, Edmonton is the province’s capital. Edmonton has a fairly diversified population, with over 60% of the population originating from foreign nations, making it an excellent choice for families seeking a multicultural environment. Edmonton’s school system is excellent, and it is not as congested as that of Calgary. The University of Alberta, one of Canada’s top universities, is also located in the city.

Edmonton is also a popular destination for events. It is known as the Festival City of Canada since it holds more festivals than any other city in the country. The Edmonton West Mall, North America’s largest retail mall, is also located in the city. With numerous theatres, a water park, a bowling alley, and a profusion of shops and restaurants to keep you and the family entertained, you could spend days there without running out of things to do.

Ottawa, Ontario

Being Canada’s capital city, Ottawa provides a plethora of work possibilities inside federal government departments. But, there are chances in other industries as well, such as retail, tourism, education, and technology. Despite being Canada’s sixth biggest metropolitan city, housing prices remain affordable, especially when compared to Toronto.

Ottawa has a low crime rate, making it a safe city in which to raise a family, and it boasts excellent schools for children of all ages. Ottawa citizens are among the best educated in Canada, and the city boasts the highest percentage of university graduates in the country.

Burlington, Ontario

Burlington is perfect for families because to its closeness to Toronto, which provides more career options, facilities, and excellent higher education institutions. Burlington residents also benefit from an outstanding public transportation system, a great quality of life, a low crime rate, a solid economy, and a high employment rate. Nevertheless, all of luxury comes at a price, with the average Burlington home costing $1.07 million.

It is located in central Ontario and has a population of 205,960 people. Burlington boasts a beautiful natural environment, making it an appealing destination to live and explore in your spare time. The city is particularly family-friendly, with a large majority of its population being made up of families.


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