10 Most Expensive Rings Ever Made


We are confident that you will be delighted to learn that there are some rings in the world that cost more than a million dollars. For the average person, it is difficult to think that a ring could be worth more than $60 million. The rings featured are diamond rings and the most costly rings ever created. Even queens will be impressed by the description of these rings and their gems.

The list we are recreating of the most costly diamond rings in the world provides you with all fundamental and even secondary information (origin of the diamonds, color scheme, cutting, polishing, changing ownership, manufacturing and current ownership).

The price list of the world's most costly rings ever manufactured implies that we have no desire to acquire them. That doesn't mean that knowing about these pricey diamond rings would be bad to us. Knowing about such pricey things will be quite educational. Nothing can stop us from fantasizing about these rings. Hence, we begin the list here.

1.Blue Diamond Ring

Blue diamond ring ranks tenth on the list of the world's most costly rings. The ring features a 6.01 carat diamond. The described blue diamond is cushion-shaped and flanked on all sides by a smaller pink diamond. It was auctioned off to an unnamed buyer. This ring, too, was sold in Hong Kong, and the projected price was in the 2.5-million-dollar area. The fact that this ring sold for three times the asking price demonstrates how wonderfully magnificent it is. The pale blue pops out, while the pink balances off the outstanding picture. A platinum band completes the victorious ring, making it an excellent engagement ring.

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2.The Vivid Pink

The Vivid Pink is ranked tenth on the list of the most costly rings ever created. This ring's 5 carat diamond is likely to make anybody who sees it up close and personal very pleased. In an open auction, a bidder from Christie's in Hong Kong purchased this bright gem. The Vivid Pink diamond ring sold for $11.8 million.

Despite it appears to be more than adequate, what a beauty it is! The diamond in question is a cushion-cut (a very popular and iconic cut, to be sure) and was mined all the way in South Africa. The Vivid Pink Ring is also well-known for its uncommon and exotic beauty; that difficult-to-find pink tint would make any female blush! The ring was dubbed the "glittering star" during the Asian auction, and it's easy to understand why.

3.The Bulgari Blue Ring

When you look at the list of the most expensive rings in the world, you will see that the Bulgari Blue Ring is ranked eighth. It was the most costly ring at the time when it was auctioned off, but it currently ranks eighth. It was auctioned off for $15.7 million at the time. This is the world's largest blue diamond in a triangular cut! It has a 9.87 carat white diamond combined with a 10.95 carat Vivid Blue diamond.

It was initially seen in Rome in the 1970s before making its way to North America, where Christie's was keeping it safe. The Bulgari Blue diamond was originally estimated to be worth $5 million, but it sold for $15.7 million. Its increase in value is related with it being a positive omen for a childless lady who purchased it for the first time. She gave birth to a baby boy shortly after purchasing the ring, and the price of the ring increased thrice over its original and initial assessment.

4.Chopard Blue Diamond Ring

Chopard Blue Diamond Ring ranks seventh on the list of the world's most costly rings in terms of price. It was sold for $16.26 million. The ring has an oval-shaped blue diamond with an 18-carat white gold band. The band itself is encrusted with tiny white diamonds. The blue diamond in this ring was obtained from a boron deposit, which was responsible for the unusual hue of blue. The diamond in the ring appears to be a mix of pale aquamarine blue and brilliant teal. This ring is made by Chopard jewelers, a Swiss business noted for its elegance and being a "cut" above the rest. A true luxury item might be considered this ring.

5.The Vivid Yellow Ring

The Vivid Yellow Ring is ranked sixth on the list of the world's most costly rings. This ring is just stunning. It was auctioned off for $16.3 million. If you like the color yellow, this is the diamond for you. The yellow diamond used in this ring is the most costly diamond ever sold at a Sotheby's Geneva auction of Marvelous and Noble Jewelry.

The Vivid Yellow Ring is enormous, and it contains one of the world's biggest cut diamonds. It seems to radiate and reflect all hues, like a miniature daffodil in both color and form. Its manufacturing highlights include two diamonds on the side totalling more than 100 carats and the appearance that it would substantially weigh down someone's hand! It's also known as the "Dream Diamond," and it's simple to understand why.

6.Perfect Pink Diamond

In researching the most costly rings ever produced, we discovered that the Ideal Pink Diamond Ring is fifth on the list. Perfect Pink Diamond, the diamond used in this ring, was a record-breaking jewel sold at auction. The diamond weighed 14.23 carats and was sold at a Christie's auction. The auction took place in Hong Kong. It has such a spectacular appearance that we believe it would be best suited to a princess's finger.

The jewel, cut into a rectangular form, is an uncommon tint of pink. As a result, this one doubles as a stunning ring! In fact, there are just around 18 known diamonds in the world that weigh more than 10-carats that have ever been sold at auction.

7.The Winston Blue Diamond Ring

The Winston Blue Diamond Ring is fourth on the list of the world's most costly rings. This ring has an unrivaled diamond. It's a pristine, brilliant blue diamond. The diamond is the largest in the entire planet! It cost between $23 and $8 million dollars. This diamond is a world record holder at 13.22 carats. The teardrop-shaped or almond-shaped diamond is incredibly stunning. The ring and diamond appear to be a wonderful match.

The diamond on this ring was discovered in South Africa. It was taken to various institutes before being certified by the Gemological Institute of America on March 25, 2014. Harry Winston gave the Winston Blue Diamond its name. In South Africa, he worked as a jeweler. The jeweler named the diamond for the first time after it was discovered.

8.The Graff Pink Diamond Ring

The Graff Pink Diamond Ring is ranked third on the list of the most costly diamond rings ever produced. This ring's diamond is 24.78 carats of grandeur and beauty. This diamond ring was sold for $46.2 million dollars sixty-three years ago. The Graff Pink diamond ring was auctioned off at Sotheby's in Hong Kong. It was offered by Harry Winston, a well-known jeweler at the time. Number one. The ring sold for about double the projected bidding price in the stated auction! Typically, the selling and acquisition of diamond-made items was kept secret back then, although it was done openly. Its open auction was also a factor in its price being increased. One of the highly priced things in the world.

9.Pink Star Diamond Ring

Pink Star Diamond Ring is the world's second most costly ring. This ring has a 72-million-dollar diamond. The individual who sold it was Isaac Wolf. Because it was such a costly diamond, many wealthy bidders who hoped to purchase it at auction were disappointed. First dug in Africa, the diamond resembles a massive scarab beetle, although it is a pink diamond. When it was discovered, the diamond was 132-6 carats in its natural condition.

This ring is also known as The Pink Dream since the person who wears it cannot move freely. At the moment, it is a national treasure, and no one owns it. It took two years to cut and polish the diamond into an oval shape and lower its weight from 132.6 carats to 59.60 carats.

10.Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond Ring

When you learn that there is a ring in this planet but the price is not less than 80 million dollars, you will be astounded. Actually, there is a ring, the Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond Ring, the world's most costly ring. It ranks #1 on the list of the most costly rings ever created in the world.

This diamond was discovered in the Kulloor Mine Guntur District of India near the end of the seventeenth century. It weighs 31.06 carats, with a deep blue hue, and exceptional clarity. Three separate professionals worked together to cut the diamond into the perfect shape. This diamond was once owned by King Philip IV of Spain. The oval-cut diamond was examined by tens of thousands of visitors at the National Museum of Natural History, and it once belonged to the Austrian and Bavarian Royal Jewels.


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