Smoke A Brisket


How To Smoke A Brisket

Smoke A Brisket

Ingredients Smoke A Brisket

  1. 1 flat brisket, weighing 4 1/2 to 5 pounds.
  2. granular sea salt.
  3. freshly ground black peppercorns or.
  4. black peppercorns, ground.
  5. Flakes of hot red pepper (optional).
  6. 16 thick-cut, artisanal bacon pieces, preferably Nueske’s.

Methods To Smoke A Brisket

  • Season the brisket: Place the brisket in the foil pan and liberally sprinkle salt, black pepper, and, if you prefer your brisket spicy, hot red pepper flakes on the top, bottom, and sides. Finish with the fat-free (lean) side facing up.
  • After assembling it as directed by the manufacturer, heat your smoker, cooker, or grill to 250°F. As directed by the manufacturer, add the wood. In order to create a humid environment in the smoker and maintain the moisture of your brisket, place a metal bowl filled with 1 quart of warm water inside of it.
  • Put the brisket in the smoker in its pan. For one hour, smoke. (This allows smoke to seep into the meat’s underbelly.)
  • Flip the brisket over so the fat side is facing up using tongs. Put half of the bacon pieces on top and neatly drape them. Cook the brisket for about two hours, or until the bacon is well-browned on top. As a reward for your perseverance, remove the bacon, dice it, and eat it.
  • On top of the bacon, arrange the remaining bacon strips. Cook the fresh bacon strips until they are well-browned and an instant-read thermometer reads 205°F for the internal temperature of the brisket. At the bottom of the pan, there ought to be a good pool of bacon and brisket grease. Another 3 to 4 hours will be needed for this, bringing the whole time to 6 to 8 hours. Because the foil pan covers the bottom and the bacon covers the top, there is no need to wrap the brisket in butcher paper or aluminum foil.
  • The brisket can be consumed right once, but it will be more moist and tender if it rests for an hour in an insulated cooler, lightly wrapped with aluminum foil.
  • To prepare the brisket for serving, uncover it and place it on a cutting board. Slice the bacon off or remove it from the brisket. Slice the meat against the grain into 1/4-inch-thick pieces, or whatever thick or thin you choose. Serve with whatever toppings or sides you choose.


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